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Precise sports nutrition are a pioneering sports nutrition company changing the way we think and deal with nutrition through supplementation and diet. Our aim is to deliver the very best in sports and lifestyle nutrition, with a range of products that exceed anything done before.
Our supplements are designed and manufactured to deliver the very best in quality, taste and results! We here at PSN believe that a great product = great results!

The main benefit of using diet whey over normal whey is that it is lower in calories meaning you can make up the rest in real nutrient rich foods. Now, why PSN diet whey over everything else, that's simple our diet whey is 86% pure lactose free protein of the highest grade and all essential amino acids to maximise the recovery of your muscles, the remaining 14% is made up of 3.4% fat 8.6% complex carbs, and this is what gives it the great flavour and texture.