Want to sleep better tonight?

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1. Make your room a tech-free zone

There's a reason why 88% of those aforementioned 18 to 24-year-olds aren't getting enough sleep. They're glued to their smartphones, right up until it's time to go to bed. With Netflix's 'next episode' button being all too tempting, it's easy to let technology barricade your route to a better night's sleep.

In fact, the blue light emitted from your gadgets disrupts your circadian rhythm — your body's natural clock — that's essential for adequate rest, says Nature

Instead, spend an hour before bed being free from any technology. Even better, leave your phone in the next room and set your alarm. Having to get up and turn it off will stop you hitting snooze almost instantly. Win, win, win. 


2. Take it to the streets

Feeling stressed? Take it outside. A report in the Journal of American Medical Association claims that a quick stroll in the late afternoon or evening is ideal to help combat a disturbed sleep pattern. Sleepwalking, this is not. 


3. Open a window

Not only will sliding open a window keep your room cooler — and negate any suspicious nightly smells — it'll also lower your risk of diabetes by upping the activity of 'healthy' brown fat, according to the journal Diabetes.

... and if none of that works, spend some real quality time between the sheets, recommends Dr. Pam Spurr, author of Sensational Sex: The Revolutionary Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Fulfillment. "The best way to earn a good night sleep is by making love," she says. "It should leave you feeling relaxed." And if sex isn't an option? "Masturbation might not have the same allure, but it will definitely help purge stresses from the day." We'll leave that part up to you.

*based off a survey of 15,000 UK adults by Dreams.co.uk

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