PSN - 100% Diet Whey Protein - 1000g

PSN - 100% Diet Whey Protein - 1000g

100% Diet Whey Protein is suitable as both a meal replacement shake and also to replace your typical protein shake if looking to add some great fat loss ingredients to your daily diet without having to think about it - this is because of the great macro nutrient breakdown of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Diet Whey (assuming a 50g serving size) provides a generous 44g of muscle building protein which is rich in the important branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

This Diet Whey Protein powder has been precisely engineered from the highest quality sources from around the world in order to help you maximise your goals. Whether that be to pack on lean muscle tissue or to assist in achieving a toned body. 

You can be assured that PSN 100% Diet Whey will deliver exactly what you expect.

Usage Guidelines

Mix 1 scoop (25G) ISO Whey Pro 86% lactose Free with 200ML cold water to prepare your protein shake.

As a food supplement take 1 serving daily on training days, consume immediately after workout. On non training days, take one serving right on waking